FCP Material Handling Platform Solution

June 7, 2024

FCP RiteHite GateKeeper Material Handling Platform Solution
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FCP Material Handling Platform Solution

Case Study: FCP Material Handling Project with a RiteHite GateKeeper Safety Gate

Client Challenge: A way to safely and effectively transport products up to the 2nd floor without jeopardizing floor space on the 2nd floor.

FCP Solution: FCP material handling safety platform equipped with a RiteHite GateKeeper safety gate to allow for safe loading and offloading while maintaining the existing footprint on the second floor.

RiteHite GateKeeper Material Handling Platform Solution: Kingston specifically liked FCP’s design as they liked that they were a local vendor who understood the ins and outs of California code while providing a superior design from a bracing standpoint (no knee braces required). There will be the occasional time when a tall piece of equipment may need to go through that area and they did not want the knee braces to interfere with that or require them to run the material sideways underneath the platform.

Our primary selling point/ differentiator was that we were local and had done similar platforms in the area. I was able to leverage the superior design which they really liked, while showing them photos from a couple of local jobs that we did. 

Another aspect that they really liked was the partnership between us, which allowed us to integrate both products seamlessly with each other. They had gotten some individual platform quotes and tried to find safety gates that would work within the footprint, but having a team that could ensure proper fit took the liability off of their hands. 

Ultimately, the client is very satisfied with the application and the platform. I am confident if any other platforms arise then we will be the first ones they call. 

Thank You Note – Thank you Kingston, we at FCP Mezzanine truly appreciate your trust in our material handling platform solutions and the opportunity to work with you. Your satisfaction and positive feedback drive us to innovate and provide the best possible solutions. We look forward to partnering with you on future projects.

FCP’s Modular Mezzanine System is the industry leader for its rigorous testing, code compliance, and innovative design features. Its unique beam-to-column connection and moment-resistant, bi-directional rigid frame offer unmatched flexibility and safety, making it the preferred choice for businesses looking to optimize their space efficiently. Compared to other systems in the industry, FCP’s offering stands out for its ease of approval and potential for customization.

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FCP has been a leading provider of the design, engineering, fabrication, and erecting of high-quality modular steel mezzanines since 1982. FCP in-house system designers and engineers take great pride in utilizing the latest technology and specialize in rapid-response delivery solutions to meet the most challenging project applications. FCP Mezzanine is a divsion of FCP Inc.,


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