Multi-Level Mezzanines and Platforms

The applications for FCP multi-level mezzanines and platforms are endless. Custom engineered for your environment requirements.

A Perfect Solution for Space Utilization
FCP Multi-Level Mezzanines

Multi-Level Mezzanines, Platforms

FCP multi-level mezzanine and platform applications turn unused overhead areas into multi-level floor space. Our customized free-standing mezzanines can be designed to integrate all types of material handling equipment, conveyor systems, and rack & shelving systems. Industrial stairs, landings, handrails, and mezzanine guard rail gates can be added for safe and easy access to any required area.

FCP - Multi-Level Platforms Applications

Need even more space? FCP Multi-level Mezzanines™ and Platforms are the solution to take advantage of readily available unused areas and turn them into productive, valuable floor space assets. FCP offers economical multi-level solutions that are engineered for your environment, durable, and building code compliant. FCP multi-level mezzanine platform systems…a perfect solution for space utilization!

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Watch an FCP Mezzanine Project

Once you see the amazing transformation of an FCP mezzanine platform, you’ll quickly realize the possibilities of expanding your company’s floor space. Solve operation growing pains by adding storage or offices. Reimagine warehousing or process manufacturing. FCP engineers and personnel offer unmatched customer service presenting you with a variety of options to take advantage of wasted, unused overhead areas.

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Complete Mezzanine and Platform Solutions

FCP Steel mezzanines and platform systems are an efficient, economical solution for adding additional space without expanding your original building structure or investing in property. FCP Free-Space Mezzanines™ and platforms convert open, unused overhead areas into valuable floor space for offices, storage, break areas, and other applications. From adding a single floor, to multi-levels, FCP mezzanines and platforms easily solve space issues without disrupting other building spaces.

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