FCP’s Free-Space Mezzanines™ System

FCP Free-Space Mezzanines™ system utilizing the exclusive FCP exclusive ConnectRite™ cold-formed steel connection building system

FCP’s Free-Space Mezzanines™ System

FCP Free-Space Mezzanines™

FCP’s Free-Space Mezzanines™ System

FCP’s Free-Space Mezzanines™ with the exclusive FCP ConnectRite™ cold-formed steel connection system, is the first moment-resistant, bi-directional rigid frame to be approved by the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI)

FCP Free-Space Mezzanine™ System Description: Engineered, prefabricated, moment-resistant, bi-directional rigid frame mezzanine assembly with decks, stairs, railings, and other necessary appurtenances for complete construction complying with requirements of authorities having jurisdiction.

FCP ConnectRite™: FCP continues to distinguish itself as the leader of steel structure technology with ConnectRite™, our seismic force-resisting moment connection. A key feature of FCP Free-Space Mezzanines™, ConnectRite™ is the first moment-resistant, bi-directional rigid frame to be approved by the American Module Iron and Steel Institute (AISI). Excelling in areas with stringent seismic requirements, ConnectRite™ is now a recognized standard of AISI (AISI S-110), the International Building Code (IBC), the California Building Code (CBC), and the American Society of Professional Engineering (ASPE).

Mezzanine is defined as: An intermediate floor structure between the floor and ceiling of any story within a building, not exceeding one-third of the floor area of the room in which it is located, and which has not less than seven feet of clear height above and below the intermediate structure. A mezzanine does not contribute to the building area in an area calculation and is not considered a building story. However, the area of a mezzanine is included in the fire area calculation of a building.

FCP provides project construction managers with essential information concerning steel fabrication projects. Leveraging cutting-edge computer technology, FCP efficiently designs and estimates project requirements, streamlining both the estimation and design processes while ensuring precise building structures. While a project may appear impressive on paper, the real-world implementation in the field is vital. By employing superior design and engineering practices, FCP ensures faster and seamless project completion, leading to a quicker return on investment.

  • Transport, handle, and protect fabricated mezzanines so they are in undamaged condition when delivered to the site.
  • Transport, handle, and protect fabricated mezzanines so they are in undamaged condition when delivered to the site.

REFERENCES – General: Versions of the following standards current as of the issue date of the project or required by applicable code apply to the Work of this Section.

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American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI):

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ANSI/MH28.3 Design, Testing and Utilization of Industrial Steel Work Platforms:

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REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS – Comply with requirements of authorities having jurisdiction for the design, installation, and use of fabricated mezzanines, including but not limited to:

  • Facility Safety Requirements: Comply with referenced OSHA requirements for stairs and
    fall protection systems.
  • The following requirements are based on IBC requirements for mezzanine construction – Requirements of authorities having jurisdiction for:
    • a. Building fire area calculations.
    • b. Means of egress based on the allowable occupancy of the mezzanine.

Special Structural Warranty: Manufacturer’s written agreement to repair or replace fabricated mezzanine components that exhibit defects within the specified warranty period.

  • Defects include but are not limited to deterioration, deformation, separation of components, or other evidence of structural failure not attributable to misuse or neglect of the fabricated unit and not the result of an instance uncontrollable natural force.
  • Warranty Period: Twenty-five years from the Date of Substantial Completion.

CSI SpecificationsFCP Modular Mezzanine System

View/Download FCP Specification in PDF or Word Doc

FCP serves a host of diverse industries including:

  • Aerospace and Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Local, State, and Federal Government Agencies
  • Department of Defense
  • Mixed Retail
  • Warehouse and Distribution Centers
  • Industrial
  • Entertainment and Recreation
  • Education
  • Health Care, Wellness, and Pharmaceutical Firms

For over 40 years its mission has been to build high-quality steel structures and FCP’s talented mezzanine designers, engineers, and steel artisans are the reason why the FCP brand is known as America’s “Best-Built” mezzanines and platforms, industrial canopies, steel fabrication services, and custom metal buildings. With our long history of serving some of the most demanding projects, FCP Inc. will design, engineer, and manufacture, safe, durable, and reliable mezzanines and custom steel structures for virtually any project. All FCP structures are made in the USA with American labor.

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