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FCP Permitting Support

Acquiring a building permit from your local Building Department can present significant challenges if you don’t know what is required. Whether you need custom mezzanines, observation towers, or any of our other steel structures, FCP will work with you throughout the permitting process.

A structure’s design, plans, and engineering included in the permit submittal package must address all of the applicable codes and requirements for a particular type of structure, use, and location. In addition, the Designer, Engineer, Fabricator, and Installer of the structure must have the appropriate experience, licenses, and certifications in order to comply with these requirements.

Through our many years in the business of supplying steel mezzanines, stair systems, mezzanine gates, and other specialized metal structures, FCP has gained the expertise and experience necessary to produce the most comprehensive submittal documentation in the business.

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By collaborating with our clients, FCP evaluates the project scope for form, function, safety, environmental impact, and building
code requirements. We’ll work with your team to show you ways to reduce labor cost and provide you with a thorough project

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