Trash & Storage Enclosures

Trash & Storage Enclosures, canopy covers, keep trash and equipment out of eyesight, and protect against harsh weather.

FCP Trash & Storage Enclosures
Enclosed Area Canopy Cover Shelters

FCP Trash & Storage Enclosures

FCP Trash & Storage Enclosures serve as multi-use shelters for trash, equipment, bikes, or storage. They can be attached to buildings or free-standing, Made from industrial-strength steel and metal materials. Trash & Storage Enclosures shield the enclosed area from harsh weather and also help to keep out people and animals. Our canopies are compatible with any pre-existing roof style, can be structurally tailored to fit any building, and cover an area of virtually any size! Clear-span or posted design options are available.

Trash & Storage Enclosures

Hide unsightly trash areas as well as keep out pesky animals. Protect enclosed storage and equipment areas from harsh weather elements and help to deter theft. FCP makes it easy to shield trash and equipment enclosures from the elements with a pre-engineered steel canopy enclosure.

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Our reputation as America’s “Best Built” creative steel structures starts with years of experience. As steel artisans, we only use industrial quality steel and metal components for our industrial steel canopies. We can engineer your canopy cover as a clear-span or posted system, and in many applications we can include side skirts or side walls. Contact us today to start a conversation about your canopy project.

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