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When you’re looking to maximize your existing space, look for FCP Office Platforms, utilizing the Free-Space Mezzanines™ system.

Convert Open Overhead Areas Into Offices​
FCP Office Platforms Mezzanines

FCP Office Platforms

FCP Office Platforms, utilizing the Free-Space Mezzanines™ system, is  the ideal economical solution for expanding office space in existing buildings. We regularly supply modular offices or clean rooms in conjunction with a specifically designed Office Support Platforms to create a combined structure for any application. An in-plant office platform mezzanine structure can be designed to go on top or below an FCP platform/mezzanine. We also design and manufacture in-plant observation platforms that can be incorporated if desired.

Popular Applications Include:

Design Considerations for Office Applications

The unique Bi-Directional Moment Frame design of FCP office platforms, mezzanines will minimize the trampoline effect and sway action that is typically associated with inferior designs. This is extremely important when designing a mezzanine that supports an office. People working in an office supported by a mezzanine of inferior design may experience motion sickness from excessive vibration and sway action.

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Ideal Solution for Expanding Office Space

Growing businesses are often met with the challenge of growth expansion, specifically the need for more office space. Relocating, or building additions, are costly, time-consuming, and often burdened with building regulations to contend with. FCP Office Platforms, utilizing Free-Space Mezzanines™ system, offers a streamlined, quick installation, and economical solution to these common issues.

Watch an FCP Mezzanine Project

Once you see the amazing transformation of an FCP mezzanine platform, you’ll quickly realize the possibilities of expanding your company’s floor space. Solve operation growing pains by adding storage or offices. Reimagine warehousing or process manufacturing. FCP engineers and personnel offer unmatched customer service presenting you with a variety of options to take advantage of wasted, unused overhead areas.

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Complete Mezzanine and Platform Solutions

FCP Steel mezzanines and platform systems are an efficient, economical solution for adding additional space without expanding your original building structure or investing in property. FCP Free-Space Mezzanines™ and platforms convert open, unused overhead areas into valuable floor space for offices, storage, break areas, and other applications. From adding a single floor, to multi-levels, FCP mezzanines and platforms easily solve space issues without disrupting other building spaces.

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