Industrial Warehouse Mezzanine Unistrut Hawaii Project

June 3, 2024

FCP Industrial Warehouse Mezzanine
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Unistrut HI, Industrial Warehouse Mezzanine

Case Study: Unistrut Hawaii Industrial Warehouse Mezzanine Solution

Client Background: A local medical equipment supplier with over 40 years of experience, specializing in acute, post-acute, and homecare medical devices focused on safe patient handling, training, and consulting.

Client Challenge: The company outgrew its original location and acquired a second warehouse to meet the increasing demand for storage. Traditional rack shelving would limit storage capacity and create logistical inefficiencies. The client needed a cost-effective solution to expand storage while maintaining operational efficiency.

Unistrut Hawaii Solution: The answer was an FCP Industrial Warehouse Mezzanine featuring the exclusive FCP ConnectRite cold-formed steel connection system. The first, innovative, moment-resistant, bi-directional mezzanine system, FCP Free Space Mezzanines™, maximizes load capacity and open floor space while complying with stringent seismic requirements. Efficient column spacing enhances space utilization beneath the mezzanine and provides substantial load capacity for storage above. This enabled the client to store rental bed inventory on the warehouse floor and relocate shelved stock to the mezzanine level, optimizing their storage infrastructure.

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The FCP Free Space Mezzanine solution offered the client a quick and ready solution for additional square footage without acquiring more real estate and avoiding added costs and operational disruptions associated with moving into larger facilities.

Thank You Note – Thank you Unistrut Hawaii, we at FCP Mezzanine truly appreciate your trust in our industrial warehouse mezzanine solutions and the opportunity to work with you. Your satisfaction and positive feedback drive us to innovate and provide the best possible solutions. We look forward to partnering with you on future projects and continuing our successful collaboration. Thank you once again for choosing FCP. – See this project on Unistrut’s webpage.

FCP’s Modular Mezzanine System is the industry leader for its rigorous testing, code compliance, and innovative design features. Its unique beam-to-column connection and moment-resistant, bi-directional rigid frame offer unmatched flexibility and safety, making it the preferred choice for businesses looking to optimize their space efficiently. Compared to other systems in the industry, FCP’s offering stands out for its ease of approval and potential for customization.

About FCP, Inc.

FCP has been a leading provider of the design, engineering, fabrication, and erecting of high-quality modular steel mezzanines since 1982. FCP in-house system designers and engineers take great pride in utilizing the latest technology and specialize in rapid-response delivery solutions to meet the most challenging project applications. FCP Mezzanine is a divsion of FCP Inc.,


INDUSTRYMedical Supplies
CLIENTUnistrut Hawaii
  • Custom Engineering Per Client Requirements
  • FCP Free-Space Mezzanine™ System
  • FCP ConnectRite™
  • Deck – Comp-Deck – Ready for Custom Flooring
  • Safety Railing and Stairs