Custom Airplane Hanger Mezzanine Project

June 25, 2024

FCP Custom Airplane Hanger Mezzanine Project
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Custom Airplane Hanger Mezzanine Project

Case Study: Private Custom Airplane Hanger Mezzanine Project

Client Background: A private owner looking to transform an ordinary airplane hangar into a multifunctional space.

Client Challenge: The client needed a versatile solution to convert their airplane hangar into a unique area for work, lounging, and entertaining.

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FCP Solution: FCP introduced the industrial warehouse Free-Space Mezzanine™, featuring our exclusive FCP ConnectRite™ cold-formed steel connection system. This innovative, moment-resistant, bi-directional mezzanine system maximizes load capacity and open floor space while meeting stringent seismic requirements.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Column Spacing: Enhances space utilization beneath the mezzanine and provides substantial load capacity for storage above.
  • Customizable Design: Allows the client to tailor both the lower and upper spaces according to their specific needs.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The custom black-coated steel design achieved the desired look for the client.

Results: Our FCP Free Space Mezzanine provided the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, creating a space that exceeded the client’s expectations. Additionally, our rapid response services ensured a smooth design and fabrication process, delivering the custom airplane hangar mezzanine project on time.

Why Choose FCP?

Our expertise in crafting tailored solutions for unique projects makes us the ideal partner for transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast, building contractor, or business owner, FCP has the innovative solutions and dedicated services you need.

Transform your space with FCP—where innovation meets excellence.

FCP’s Modular Mezzanine System is the industry leader for its rigorous testing, code compliance, and innovative design features. Its unique beam-to-column connection and moment-resistant, bi-directional rigid frame offer unmatched flexibility and safety, making it the preferred choice for businesses looking to optimize their space efficiently. Compared to other systems in the industry, FCP’s offering stands out for its ease of approval and potential for customization.

About FCP, Inc.

FCP has been a leading provider of the design, engineering, fabrication, and erecting of high-quality modular steel mezzanines since 1982. FCP in-house system designers and engineers take great pride in utilizing the latest technology and specialize in rapid-response delivery solutions to meet the most challenging project applications. FCP Mezzanine is a divsion of FCP Inc.,


  • Custom Engineering Per Client Requirements
  • FCP Free-Space Mezzanine™ System
  • FCP ConnectRite™
  • Coating – Custom Black Finish
  • Custom Safety Railing and Stairs