FCP will design your mezzanine or equipment platform with the structural components and floor surface material that’s right for your particular requirements; standard surfaces include FCP Comp-Deck or poured-in-place concrete.

FCP Comp-Deck, supported by structural steel galvanized deck, is an exterior grade, weather-resistant T&G composite wood floor decking; available in a 1 1/8” or ¾” thickness. This highly durable product is a unique blend of wood particles and moisture-resistant resin that is computer-blended and heat-treated to produce a floor decking capable of withstanding even the heaviest pallet jack loads.

FCP decking features:

  • Structural steel galvanized deck with poured-in-place concrete
  • Structural steel galvanized deck with diamond-plate steel panels
  • Various types of heavy-duty steel grating attached directly to the galvanized steel joist supports

Not sure about which deck option is best? Let one of our knowledgeable System Designers assist you in designing a system that fulfills all your requirements.