C & C Studio Services Mezzanine Project

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C & C Studio Services Mezzanine Project

Custom Mezzanine Project by Dexturo, Inc, Authorized FCP Dealer

Dexturo Inc., recently completed this custom mezzanine project for C and C Studio Services. C&C Studio Services provides rigging equipment to the entertainment industry for film, TV, commercials, special events, and trade shows.

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Dealer Testimonial

“This is Dan with Dexturo, Inc. and we are so happy with the way this mezzanine turned out. FCP is making really high-quality, locally made steel mezzanines that work well and look great. The team at FCP is organized, clear, efficient, and easy to work with. Hand in hand with our awesome install team, this project turned out really well for our clients in Valencia, CA.

C&C Studio Services provides truss and film equipment for shooting movies throughout the state and country. They needed more space to store all their unrented equipment. We were able to provide an extra tall mezzanine that allows them to store equipment underneath and on top of the mezzanine. The team was super happy with it and said that “it looks awesome.” They have now doubled their truss storage space, and are considering adding another mezzanine to the other side of the warehouse in the near future.

Thanks to FCP for making such awesome products, our amazing install team, and of course C&C Studios, for choosing Dexturo Inc. to make this project a reality.”

Dan Adams
Dexturo Inc.

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Film, TV
Dexturo Inc
  • Deck – Comp Deck
  • Railing – 2 Rail Gatorshield® Galvanized Tubing
  • Stair Steps – Diamond Plate