Foundation and Slab EngineeringEvery structure needs the right foundation, and different soil and concrete slab conditions require different solutions. Whether it’s new construction or installing mezzanines on an existing concrete floor, we at FCP have the experience to engineer the right solution. Because FCP engineers the proper foundation along with your structure, you can be assured they will work together.

Due to our unique rigid-frame design with our exclusive column-to-beam moment connection, there are many applications where an FCP Free-Space Mezzanine™ can be installed directly to the existing concrete floor with a properly-sized base plate. This significantly lowers the cost of these modular offices by eliminating the need to cut, excavate and install concrete footings. In addition, FCP can create second, third or even fourth-level mezzanine floors over your existing operation. From steel mezzanines for trade shows to mezzanines for your existing commercial or industrial space, utilize your unused space the right way with FCP.