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FCP custom fabrication employees boast over 45 years of specialized craftsmanship in serving construction, medical and industrial clients. From delicate fabrication of stainless steel countertops in medical applications to heavy duty equipment platforms for rock crushing production; our diversification and expertise remains unparalleled in custom metal fabrications.

In today’s demanding architectural arena; form and functionality take precedence when contracting custom steel fabricated projects. FCP is exceptionally efficient in working with customers whose operations cannot tolerate interference due to construction or installation of equipment and fixtures.

FCP’s extensive services provide customers with design assistance, engineering, erection and installation capabilities.

  • Detailing (3D Modeling Programs)
  • Plate & Structural Steel Processing
  • Product Fitting
  • Welding
  • Inspection (X-Ray, Ultrasound, Dye & Magnetic Particle)
  • Trial Assembly & Piece Marking
  • Surface Preparation & Painting

The experience and flexibility of FCP custom fabrication provides outstanding value and quality in delivering the finest end product to our customers.

From structural steel construction components, to architectural accent pieces in metal; FCP custom fabrication will provide your company challenges with peace of mind solutions for any sized project


Let our professionals create your timeless

“Mark of Excellence”

With FCP Custom Steel Fabrications